Performing Arts

At Burwood East Primary School we are committed to providing all children opportunities to experience and participate in all areas of the Performing Arts, including music, dance and drama, in a fun environment.  We believe that all students can enjoy Performing Arts and participate in a wide range of musical and acting experiences.


Our music room has a variety of instruments and musical resources.  This allows for all children to be interactive and involved in the music program.  In addition to weekly music lessons for everyone, Years F - 6 learn to play the Ukulele where they are given the opportunity to showcase their talents and musical confidence at school assemblies during the year.


We have a school choir which also performs regularly at assemblies and special events such as Education Week and our biannual Art Show.   Individual students and small music groups such as our expert Ukulele group also perform at our weekly assembly in front of parents and peers.


Students are also given the opportunities to get further musical instructions with our dedicated teachers of guitar, vocal and piano on a weekly basis.


Biannually, the whole school comes together to create a stage production where all students are involved.  It is a wonderful opportunity for all to experience being a part of a performance, in costume and at a professional theatre.  It is always a popular event which generates great enthusiasm from the students, staff and parents.


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