Expert Robotics

At Burwood East Primary School we have long recognised the benefits of technology in improving and enhancing the educational experience of our students.  Our school has invested in Mindstorms EV3 Lego Robots to provide further challenging and highly motivating learning opportunities for our students.


Our robotics program, which was developed in 2015, allows students to work cooperatively with their peers, problem-solve, innovate, create and investigate with technologies through designing, constructing and programming robots.


Our Expert Robotics group which consists of students from Year 3 to Year 6 are involved in mentoring the next generation of students in the use of EV3 Robots through our BEPS Community program every Wednesday afternoon, whilst refining their own programming and building skills.


2016 is also an exciting year for Burwood East Primary School as our Expert Robotics Team will, for the very first time, enter and take part in the RoboCup Junior Competition which involves planning, building and programming robots to compete at soccer and dance.


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