BEPS Values



At BEPS, we are focused on teaching the importance of our school values in and outside of the classroom.  The students have gained an excellent understanding of what these values mean over the last 2 years and it is wonderful to see them using them throughout their home and school life.  We also have a buddy system in which the students spend time together having lunch or participating in games or P.E. activities every few weeks.


School Values

  • RESPECT - to show consideration of someone's feelings, wishes and rights.  We must respect ourselves, others, property and the environment.
  • RESPONSIBILTY - The opportunity or ability to act independently and to make appropriate decisions independently.  To undertake any given task in a timely and trustworthy manner.
  • RESILIENCE - The ability to recover quickly from difficulties or problems, to not react and to bounce back.
  • CONFIDENCE - believing in yourself and your own abilities.
  • HONESTY - to tell the truth, to be sincere, trustworthy, honourable, fair, genuine and loyal with integrity.


@ 2018 Burwood East Primary School