BEPS Communities

The BEPS Communities Program is a way of offering a range of enrichment opportunities to all students in Years F-6 that extends the students' learning and furthers their knowledge and skills in new or existign areas of interest and passion.


The students are grouped into Years F-2 and Years 3-6, so that the activities can be appropriately and specifically aimed at their needs and level of development.  Students in years F-2 participate in 3 different activities over 15 weeks during terms two and three.  They are exposed to all 3 activities which will voer a range of areas.  Students in years 3-6 participate in one activity that they are interested in, which runs over the entire 16 weeks during terms two and three.  There are 8 groups to choose from covering a wide range of areas.  They work each week towards producing a project at the end which will be celebrated with the school community on an afternoon at the end of term three.  The activities made available to the students endeavour to:

  • extend the curriculum offerings for all students in Years F-6
  • provide a range of stimulating and challenging opportunities to respond to students' different intelligences, learning styles, interests and talents
  • extend students' knowledge, skills and abilities through additional experiences
  • value and utiliese the contributions of others
  • build positive relationships and develop respect


@ 2018 Burwood East Primary School