Junior School Council


BEPS Junior School Council 2020


Burwood East Primary School values the input of student ideas and voice when making decisions about the school. Throughout the year, students in the Junior School Council are given leadership opportunities to help others within our school and surrounding community.


The aim of the Junior School Council is to listen to student voice, respond to feedback, take an active part in our community and to support our sponsor child from Sri Lanka, Jude.


Student Selection – Two students from each grade from Foundation to Year 6 are elected by their peers to represent the class at the Junior School Council meetings and events. Students are asked to a write a speech explaining to their class why they would be an effective Junior School Council representative.


Junior School Council Roles

  • Be a positive role model for all students at the school
  • Provide a voice for students in their grade at weekly meetings
  • Attend meetings as required and implement initiatives
  • Sell Popcorn and Zooper Doopers to raise funds for our sponsor child, Jude



    Junior Council Initiatives – The Junior School Council organises fundraising events, such as Run to Red, Crazy Hair and Sock Day, ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and many more. They also promote ideas raised at the Junior School Council to the wider school community.




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